10 Best Real-time Strategy Games for PC

Top real-time strategy games for PC

Real-time strategy is a hugely popular genre of PC games. Broadly speaking, it consists of the player controlling a particular community, gathering various resources, forming armies for defense and attack, and eventually reigning supreme according to the conditions of the particular game. It is one of the few genres that is actually claimed to benefit those who play it, by enhancing their decision-making skills and quick thinking.

In an age of shrinking influence of PCs, real-time strategy, or RTS games requires gamers to own a PC. While there have been several attempts to shift the world of RTS gaming away from the mouse and towards the controller, virtually all of them have been unmitigated disasters, since the particular UI of RTS games just doesn’t work with controllers. Here’s a list of the best RTS games that make owning a PC worthwhile.

Top 10 RTS Games

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings
Age of Empires III
Rise of Nations
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Command & Conquer: Generals
Age of Mythology
Company of Heroes
Empire Earth
Total War: Shogun 2

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Ensemble Studio’s Age of Empires, first launched in 1997, has attained legendary status among fans of the RTS genre. The 1999 sequel, The Age of Kings (and its expansion pack, Age of Conquerors), ironed out the obvious flaws in the first edition of AoE, and its unit designs, iconic background score and voice work, and―lest we forget―cheat codes made it an irresistible package for every teen in the world (yes, yes, including yours truly). Many of these teens would still swear by this game as the one that gave rise to the gamer in them. This game was also notable

A Guide to Buying a Gaming Mouse

What to look for when buying a gaming mouse

Gaming fever seems to be on an all-time high, with game developers each day pushing the boundaries of hyper-reality with games that seem so real that they engross you for hours on end. Even with the advent of powerful game consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the popularity of PC gaming is on the rise. This is mainly because of the easy availability and feasibility of PCs. Also, the best of games are usually simultaneously released for the PC platform along with the other gaming platforms. To make the most of this, your PC gaming experience, you need the proper hardware, and none is more important than the mouse.

There are plenty of gaming mice available in the market today, which offer different features. You might, however, want to keep in mind that, unlike most other hardware, you cannot have a one-mouse-serves-all approach. So, while a certain kind of mouse would be great for burning some rubber as you maneuver your car around the treacherous turns, the same mouse might turn out to be a complete disaster when you try sniping someone. Here are a few parameters that you might want to consider before you pick a mouse that best suits your gaming needs.

Dots Per Inch or DPI is the number of pixels the cursor on the screen moves when you move the mouse by an inch. Simply put, the higher the DPI, the more your cursor moves with minimal mouse movement, and vice versa. A mouse with high DPI (>1600) would be ideal for shoot ’em up games where you’re constantly on the move. These are also useful if you have a large screen or monitor, as you would not need to strain

Where to Find Free Computer Games

Are you unbelievably bored? Are you tired of spending time on social networking sites like Facebook? Then it is time you checked out some of the best free games offered by websites on the Internet. Once you start playing these online games, your boredom will surely seem miles away.

The age of television entertainment and arcade games is passe. It is the time of the Internet and action has shifted to virtual space now. Whatever you need, Internet will deliver. One of the greatest past times that netizens indulge in is playing free games online. There are many sources in the form of websites that offer you some great gaming action absolutely free. Most of these games are flash based and are hosted by many sites for free. Even advanced games of amazing graphic quality are offered by some websites for free download.

It would be a sin not to take advantage of these games when they are offered online for free. The best part is that some games are even multiplayer type, where you get a chance to interact and play with other people.

Free Games Offered Online

The Internet has had a huge impact on the gaming world. Most top games will have a multiplayer mode for online game play. The free computer games presented by websites range from classic arcade games to flash games based on various themes and even games with high-definition graphics.

Most of the classic arcade games like Mario Brothers are offered as freeware download by many websites. Some offer an online interface where you need to register for online game play. One such service is Yahoo games. Other than this there are plenty of free games provided by websites which include board games, games like Pool and even Darts. Most of these

Best Windows 8 Gaming Apps

Windows 8 gaming aps

Today we browse through some of the most recommended gaming apps from the Windows Store. Windows 8 officially saw daylight on 26th October 2012, and many were unhappy with the pace of applications being added to the Windows Store. While iOS and Android boast more than 800,000 apps, Windows is trying to walk with its head high with just over 80,000 apps.

According to MetroStore Scanner (the unofficial counter of Windows applications), as of June 17, 2013, there are 89,333 applications available for Windows 8 users. Out of these, 12,236 are gaming apps. There is a slight chance that you might not find the game you want, but Microsoft has guaranteed that most popular games will soon be available on Windows 8. Till that happens, let’s make the most of it, and play with the most recommended Windows 8 gaming apps.

Temple Run: Brave

Get engrossed in another visually appealing game from the makers of Temple Run. Temple Run: Brave has become one of the most popular apps on the Windows Store. Join Merida, the archer princess, as you run, shoot, jump, and slide through the wilderness of Scotland on an endless adventure.

For Windows 8
Price: $4.99

For Windows Phone
Price: $0.99

4 Pics 1 Word

Millions are already addicted to it. 4 Pics 1 Word is simply great and also proves to give the mind a decent amount of exercise. Figure out what is common in all the 4 pictures, and then come up with the right answer. It is also one of the most acclaimed games on the Windows 8 platform.

For Windows 8
Price: Free

For Windows Phone
Price: Free

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds addicts, be ready to join your favorite heroes in their biggest adventure to date. Join your favorite Rebel Birds in an epic

10 Multiplayer Online Battle Games like League of Legends

Online battle games like League of Legends

League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game played on a large scale across the world. There are millions of users who play this game daily. There are championships too held in North America, Europe, China, and some other countries. In fact, this game is the most played game in North America and Europe.

League of Legends
Developed by Riot Games
Published by Riot Games, Tencent Holdings Ltd., Garena
Platform Windows, Mac OS X
Release Date 27th October, 2009

In this game, a player selects and controls a ‘champion’ to fight against other champions, that may be player or non-player controlled. Each team has minions that are bot controlled. These minions spawn regularly. There are various modes in which the game can be played: Tutorial, Classic, Custom, Dominion, ARAM (All Random All Mid), One for all Mode, Showdown, etc.

To add options and variety to the MOBA scene, the following is a list of games similar to League of Legends. Take your pick.

Developed by Hi-Rez Studios
Published by Hi-Rez Studios, Tencent Holdings Ltd., Level Up! Games
Platform Windows, X Box One
Release Date 25th March, 2014

Smite is a combat game. Player get to choose their ‘God’ and match-up against another player controlled or non-player controlled ‘God’. This game is to be played between two teams, where each team can consist of 3 – 5 players. The minions spawn at the ‘Phoenix’. These minions attack opposing teams’ phoenix and minions. The goal of the game is to defeat and destroy the phoenix, its two defensive towers, and a giant warrior ‘Titan’. There are 5 games modes: Practice, Co-op, Private, League, and Custom.

Heroes of Newerth (HoN)
Developed by S2 Games
Published by S2 Games
Platform Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

56 Cool Usernames for Online Games

Usernames for online games

What’s in a name? As an avid gamer would tell you, everything! For a regular gamer, the selected username (or user ID, game ID, Gamertag, or any other variation of the same term) represents his or her entire online personality. In the online multiplayer gaming world, where people who are located at different parts of the world simultaneously log in and play, there is a heavy layer of anonymity, hidden behind the shroud of the name that players don. A gamer knows the others on his team, guild, or clique, with whom he (or she) completes tasks and fights battles, only by their online names. Hence for anyone who is new to the universe of gaming, choosing an ideal name should be the absolute priority.

How do you choose a good name?
Although it may appear as a daunting task, choosing your username for an online game can turn out to be the simplest thing in the world if you pick a name that reflects your inner self. Keep in mind that you will be projecting yourself as the name you set for your online avatar. People generally tend to select a gaming name along the following lines:

☛ Modifications made on their actual name, for example, Jackadelic
☛ Based on their interests, for example LOTRFanatic, or BieberLover (**We strongly advise against proclaiming your adoration for any particular celebrity if you want to survive, and not be judged, in game-o-sphere)
☛ The name of some fictional character from the world of comics, literature, popular movies, etc., for example BondGirl007

However, we recommend that you choose a name that stands out for its uniqueness, rather than following a stereotype. Gaming handles are not social-networking usernames, where you would rather imply your good looks, or in

14 Simulation Games like The Sims to Play Online

'The Sims' game

Are you tired of the same happenings in your neighborhood? Tired of laughing at the same joke day in and day out? Try The Sims, which is a life simulation game that imitates life itself. You can make new friends by interacting with others. You can share that drink with your boss like you always wanted to. And know all about that girl you have a crush on. But even if it’s simulated, the mechanics remain the same. Everyone has their own desires and gets motivated by different incentives.

The Sims lets you play different scenarios in different neighborhoods. Rather than the usual game, where you only interact with people, this game lets you interact till you base some relationship. The Sims was only the kind of its game when released in 2000. It was inspired by Little Computer People, a game played on the Commodre 65. Other games inspired by The Sims include Singles, Business Tycoon, and the Rollercoaster Tycoon series.

Here’s a compiled list of some games similar to The Sims, that we think you should definitely check out.

The Movies
Developed by Lionhead Studios, Robosoft Technologies
Published by Activision, Feral Interactive
Platform Windows, Mac OS X
Release Date 8th November, 2005

The Movies is a simulation game similar to The Sims. The player is in charge of a Hollywood studio, as he tries to survive making movies. The length of the movies can range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. He is responsible for taking care of the actors, their needs, tantrums, and anything else they desire. Play this game to see the era of movies from the roaring ’20s, to the turbulent ’50s, and the free-love spreading ’60s, to the current future. Can you survive with the inflation of rising prices, political

13 Best Strategy Games Like Age of Empires

Strategy games like Age of Empires

Almost every computer game lover must have heard of ‘Age of Empires’. The first of its kind, it is an interactive strategy game that lets players take part in a multi-player battle online. It spawned 3 games ranging from Age of Empires I, II, and III with special add-ons including further conquests. Even after Ensemble Studios refused to release more sequels, it had a cult following, with battles still played at major gaming tournaments.

Age of Empires Online was launched in 2011 with only two civilizations, the Greeks and Egyptians. Over the years, they added some more like the Persians, Celts, Babylonians, and the Norse. Empire Points can either be earned through completion of conquests or bought with real money, and these points can be used to buy premium content. But with the servers shutting down on July 1, 2014, the fans protested in earnest while some being satisfied with a mini version available on ‘Steam’. The rest of you who feel the need of imaginary battle scars, should scroll down to see the list of games like Age of Empires.

Anno Online & The Anno Series
Published by Ubisoft
Platform Microsoft Windows
Release Date September 24, 1998 (Original), May 14 March 19, 2013 (Online)

In this game, you start as an unknown country which builds its reputation slowly through trading with its neighbors. The player needs to create communities and build their economies. The more the economic growth, the more successful will be the communities, and hence the rewards. The Anno series all feature similar gameplay, but occurring in different eras. Though the focus is on building the economy, there are combat elements involved. Anno Online is a free-to-play game on your browser.

The Settlers Online and The Settlers Series
Published by